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These two photos present members of the Russisches Schutzkorps Serbien. The first photo presents several officers. I try to identify these officers. You will notice that two officers doctor wears the uniform of the ancient Russian army. I think to have identified the officer placed to the right of the photography, but I am not certain. Therefore I wish to obtain your help. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Extreme left colonel E. On second foto artillery instruktor RSK. As you, I had identified the officer placed extreme right as being the commander of 2. Thank you for your preciseness about the uniforms. I always try to identify the central person of this photography. I think that it is about an important person considering the position of the various protagonists present on this image. Although its ultimate aim was to help defeat the communist forces in the Soviet Union , the Corps was used almost exclusively to fight the Partisans in areas of occupied Yugoslavia, initially in a defensive role.

At its maximum strength, it was composed of one cavalry regiment and four infantry regiments. The regiments were later assigned to act as auxiliaries to German or Bulgarian occupying forces. He also urged the higher authorities to re-organise the Corps and integrate it more closely with the Wehrmacht.

After considerable discussion, on 29 October the German High Command ordered a re-organization, renaming it the "Russian Protective Corps" and subordinating it completely to the German Commanding General in Serbia. On 30 November, the 4th Regiment was disbanded, its 1st Battalion assigned to the 1st Regiment and the rest of its manpower assigned to the 2nd Regiment. By late , the Corps totalled about 7, men, all of whom were Russian. During this time the regiment allowed the passage of wounded Croatian soldiers and civilians, 1, healthy soldiers and as many refugees, sustaining casualties of two killed and seventeen wounded.

It clashed with the Partisans over the village of Nedelica on 19 July. Elements of the 3rd and 5th Regiments fought the Partisans on 4—5 August near the village of Rudnik. In September, the Corps reached its peak of 11, members. Combat continued daily throughout September with the 1st Regiment suffering up to 53 casualties per day.

As parts of the regiment moved towards Belgrade and Grocka , they came into contact with Soviet troops and armour in the Ripanj area south of Belgrade, sustaining heavy casualties. On 8 December it regrouped north of the Sava and on 11—13 December it fought the Partisans in and near the village of Vrbanja , killing forty-three.

Between and , 6, of its members were killed, wounded or went missing. After examining the history of the Corps, the British decided to demobilise it in October. Its members were then sent in the Kellerberg Camp northwest of Villach , Austria; Rogozhin on 1 November issued an order that notified his subordinates of demobilisation.

At its maximum strength, the Russian Corps was composed of: In May , the Corps was divided into two brigades. The Russian Corps had three commanders during its existence: Members of the Corps wore the uniform of the Russian Imperial Army from 12 September to 30 November as well as the Czechoslovakian helmet.

The uniform was sometimes worn with pips of the Royal Yugoslav Army, alongside special rank insignia on the collar. Wehrmacht uniforms and insignia were adopted on 1 December , [15] but the old uniforms continued to be worn for some time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Russisches Schutzkorps Serbien. Belgrade Offensive Operation Lawine. Propaganda and the Deceit of History. The War in Eastern Europe, — Singleton, Frederick Bernard

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