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Every Sunday we post free Forex trading signals and setups you can use to trade that week. Our free Forex signals get great reviews from our users with some saying our signals are better than the expensive setups.

Very interesting and with the benefit of the holiday For 30 days I could even earn a little. I think I will forget about the daily time frame and will only trade the weekly and monthly time frames when I get older. So I ignore the signal that candlestick 3 and 4 form. Candlestick and Bollinger Bands are all you need to have on your charts. Even some of them support exotic time frames like 10min or 2hrs.

Why Do I Love the Daily Chart?

It's an ideal variant for you to examine forex reviews we have published in our rating before making the final decision. While evaluating top forex companies we conducted a serious research to avoid fraud and scams in the brokers' list.

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