List of compositions by George Frideric Handel

This sonata represents Handel's last piece of chamber music. Rome, 13 July First performed in Green Park, London. Links - London Handel Festival

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Lord Burlington and the Duke of Chandos, his two principal British patrons were both homosexual, she claims, as was Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, one of his Italian benefactors. Dr Ellis discovered that in one cantata, in which Prince Ruspoli is mentioned by name, his part is played by a woman.

It was necessary for aristocrats to get married in order to protect their financial property but it wasn't necessary for them to love their spouses. The love between men was enormously passionate and they often had relationships with each other outside their marriages. Dr Ellis added that she thinks it is significant that much of the music is punctuated by long silences. Her thesis, however, has been denounced by other Handel experts.

Anthony Hicks, the academic adviser to the Handel Society said: She says that Lord Burlington was gay but the fact is that he was married with three children; as was Prince Ruspoli. But if that had happened I am sure it would have come out.

There were servants all around the place in those days - he had two of his own - and I am sure they would have said something. Last year a Handel cantata was performed at Heaven, the homosexual nightclub in London, to a packed house. None of his friends wrote much about him and apart from the fact that he ate and drank too much and had a bad temper we don't know much about his feelings. The best way to transfer money overseas. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Monday 31 December An arrangement, by an anonymous composer, of music from Handel's opera Rodrigo. Music composed between December and January Music composed in London, Based on Alexander Pope 's work. Based on Alexander Pope's work. Contains additions by S. Based on John Milton 's work. Italy, —08 94 Clori, si, ch'io t'adoro No autograph, earliest source c.

Copied for Ruspoli, b Dalla guerra amorosa Italy, —09 Version for soprano. Copied for Ruspoli, Deh! No source attributed to Handel. Anonymous a E partirai, mia vita? Italy, —09 b E partirai, mia vita? Fragments printed in wrong order in HG. London, after c Lungi dal mio bel nume London, c. London, after Borrowings: Version of "Dimmi, o mio cor" HWV with new opening. London, after c Mi palpita il cor? London, after d Mi palpita il cor? Probably composed for the soprano, Margherita Durastanti.

Copied for Ruspoli, Libretto by Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili Occhi miei che faceste? Burrows , "Songs and Cantatas for Soprano. Copied for Ruspoli, , Slow middle section formed the basis for the final chorus of "Alcina" HWV 34 in Brockes from "Irdisches Vergnügen in Gott.

Autograph, which survives, presented to Legh in by Charles Legh. Composed in London The unhappy Lovers: As Celia's fatal arrows flew Soprano c. The Sun was sunk beneath the Hills Soprano c. Bacchus one day gayly striding Soprano c.

Charming is your shape and air Soprano c. As near Portobello lying Soprano c. Cloe proves false Soprano c. Guardian Angels now protect me Soprano c. London, Drury Lane Theatre. My fair, ye Swains, is gone astray Soprano c. Oh cruel Tyrant Love Soprano c. Says my uncle, I pray you discover Soprano c. Phillis the lovely Soprano c. When Phoebus the tops of the Hills does adorn Soprano c. Ye winds to whome Collin complains Soprano c.

Rome —08 Recitative and aria. Misattributed to Handel; composed by Giovanni Battista Ferrandini — Maria di Monte Santo to celebrate the feast day of "Madonna del Carmine". Might have been composed in Halle, Lotti "Missa Sapientiae" , but copied by Handel c. January — February Handel organ concertos Op. Probably completed in Germany or Italy Overture D major c. Possibly intended to be coupled with the concerto grosso in D major Op.

The 1st movement was used as the sinfonia in Ottone HWV 15 ; and the theme of the last movement was reworked for the overture of Ottone Sinfonia B-flat major c. Probably completed in Hamburg or Italy Allegro G major? Water Music suite No.

The King insisted on the performance being repeated more than once Suite. Composed for Vauxhall Gardens Gigue B-flat major Handel's Werke" this piece was referred to as Op. Handel's Werke" this piece referred to as Op. Unlikely to be Handel's work G minor c. Handel's Werke" this composition referred to as Op. One of the "Dresden" sonatas. No autograph G minor probably c. Composed by Handel at St.

Nicola Haym, after A. Zeno, Revival on 30 November Rossi, after Zeno, 12 songs changed at 21 April performance, for Strada's benefit. Revival on 28 November London, King's Theatre, Haymarket 5 performances to 8 December. Handel's compositions that are not included in the HWV Catalogue include: Identified in the year at the Royal Academy of Music 's library London. The manuscript is not in Handel's hand. Italian Aria Lusinga questo cor c. The arrangement is contemporary, but the authenticity is uncertain.

Published by Burrows in The following works are no longer thought to have been composed by Handel: The Passion nach dem Evang. Johannes the Passion according to the evangelist John. The work was published in volume nine of the Händel-Gesellschaft , but is now thought to have been composed by the German composer Georg Böhm. Sadie, Stanley ; Tyrrell, John , eds.

Retrieved from " https: Oper am Gänsemarkt , Hamburg. Friedrich Christian Feustking , after G. Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo , Venice. Queen's Theatre , London. Giacomo Rossi, after Guarini. The version is 8a. The revised versions are designated 8c. The prologue Terpsicore added to the final version is 8b. Nicola Francesco Haym , after Philippe Quinault.

Giacomo Rossi, after Plutarch. King's Theatre , London. Paolo Antonio Rolli, after Silvio Stampiglia. Rolli, after Francesco Silvani La costanza in trionfo. Haym, after Agostin Piovene and Nicholas Pradon. Haym, after Antonio Salvi, after Pierre Corneille.

Haym, adapted from Carlo Sigismondo Capece. After Capece, after Ludovico Ariosto 's Orlando furioso. Pasticcio , composed in Music entirely by Handel. Overture published in HG volume 48 p.

After Salvi, after Ariosto's Orlando Furioso. After Ariosto's Orlando Furioso. Adapted from Apostolo Zeno 's Faramondo. Pasticcio, composed in Overture published in HG volume 48 page Theatre in Lincoln's Inn Fields , London. Instrumental music for the revival of Ben Jonson's play The Alchemist. Three songs and a trio written as part of a private arrangement of John Milton's masque Comus. A masque which was written for an unproduced play by Tobias Smollett. Drury Lane Theatre , London.

Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno. Sheldonian Theatre , Oxford. L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato.

Joseph and his Brethren. The Choice of Hercules. The Triumph of Time and Truth. Aci, Galatea e Polifemo.

Acis and Galatea masque. Cannons , near London. Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne. Copied for Francesco Ruspoli , Allor ch'io dissi addio. Aure soavi e lieti. Variant insertion in "Cecilia, volgi un sguardo" 89 , for performances of Alexander's Feast HWV 75 , , including music for the castrato Domenico Annibali.

Clori, Tirsi e Fileno or Cor fedele in vano speri. Rome, on or before 14 January

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