The SCO-RF has been linked to various and different aspects of water and electrolyte metabolism and it is proven that water deprivation enhances the secretory activity of the SCO. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Headquarters Air Force Badge. Defense Superior Service Medal.

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Mehr über Wikipedia kann man auf der deutschen Seite nachlesen. Die bairische Wikipedia folgt der wissenschaftlichen Definition der bairischen Sprache. Dieses Projekt versucht unter anderem, möglichst viel Wissen über die bairischen Sprachen und über die Gegenden, in der diese gesprochen werden, zu sammeln. Genauso sind hier aber auch ausdrücklich alle anderen Themen erwünscht, solange die Artikel in einer bairischen Sprache verfasst werden.

The bavarian Wikipedia is a part of www. More information about Wikipedia can be found on the English page. This part of Wikipedia is written in various dialects of Bairisch , or "Bavarian. Here they aggregate on the top of the cilia, forming a thin film that becomes further packed in a highly ordered fashion to form threadlike supramolecular structure.

The pre-RF material appears in the form of loosely arranged bundles of thin filaments. Some of these changes may decrease the reactivity of the molecules, and this should be considered as a transitory stage, from pre to the proper RF, in which the accessibility of the antibodies to the epitopes is decreased.

This lack of immunoreactivity could be due to the spatial distribution of sialic acid residues, with negative charge, within the fiber or might be the result of bound compounds interfering with the accessibility of the antibodies to RF- glycoproteins. The massa caudalis is the final form of this assembly of proteins, and is mostly related with the distal side of accumulation of the fiber and this final form have more filaments and is less compact than the middle form of the fiber.

The secretory material is first synthesised at embryonic day3 E3 by morphological undifferentiated neuroepithelial cells. The mechanisms that trigger RF formation remain unknown, but probably factors other that ventricular released must be required for the formation of the fiber, like the hydrodynamics of the CSF. This complex may participate in the maintenance of water and electrolyte homeostasis osmoregulation , during ontogeny and in the composition of the cerebrospinal fluid.

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