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The difference of course is that you are not using any real money at all, but instead you are trading using representations of currency with no backing. You definitely want a Forex Broker who can keep up with your trading, consistently serving your needs as needed, and on time. On January 7, the British pound is aiming for 1.

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Americké akcie dnes v proměnlivém obchodování oslabily. Na trhu převládly obavy ze zpomalení hospodářského růstu a z hrozby, že prezident USA Donald Trump nepodepíše provizorní rozpočet umožňující chod vlády.

As consumer spending is the majority of total expenditure, rising unemployment often leads to slow economic growth. In addition, high or rising unemployment puts downward pressure on interest rates and leads to a depreciating Franc.

The growth of new jobs in the US non-farm sector, along with an increase in the overall unemployment rate, confused markets on Friday, but statements by the Fed chairman about interest rates returned demand for risky assets. The current task of euro buyers is to break through and consolidate above the resistance of 1.

The main goal for the first half of the week will be the update of the high of 1. A signal to buy will also be the formation of a false breakdown in the support area of 1. Otherwise, you can open long positions immediately to rebound from 1. Weak data on retail sales in the eurozone can lead to the formation of a false breakdown in the area of resistance 1. In the case of continued growth in the trend in the first half of the day above the resistance of 1. Trade is conducted above the day and day moving averages, which indicates a continuation of the upward trend.

In the event of a decline in the euro, support will be provided by the lower limit of the Bollinger Bands indicator, which is located in the area of 1. You can also buy euros in the event of a breakdown of the upper boundary of the indicator in the 1. As long as minor support at A break below However price remains trapped inside the 1. A break out above or below it will open the way for 1.

Respecting support at 1. There is no clear direction and traders should be very cautious. Any daily close out of the range would be an important sign. The first upside target is at 1.

I believe the bullish scenario has more chances of success. Gold price pulled back towards the green support level and is now bouncing back towards its recent highs. Holding inside the channel would be important for the medium-term bullish trend. We have some bearish divergence signs in the 4-hour chart that imply that any weakness should be temporary. The Asian stock market is growing after the Fed chairman Powell admitted on Friday, that future hikes will depend on data, and the Fed is also watching the situation in the world.

A better-than-expected report from the US labor market also helps to improve moods and dismisses the fear of a recession. Finally, information about the meeting of US and Chinese delegates to talk about a trade agreement gives hope for progress in relations. The increase in risk appetite can be seen in the currencies and emerging markets.

Fed leader Powell stated on Friday that the Fed is not on the pre-determined path of interest rate increases and will pay attention to the negative risks that the market pricing. Comments were taken as dovish and, above all, they calmed investors that Fed policy would not tighten financial conditions. Together with the very good result of the NFP report, the markets received an injection of optimism that continues to this day. After the weekend, the increases are continued in Asia - Chinese Shanghai Composite grows 0.

The risk appetite is also supported by reports that the US government delegation headed by trade representative R. Lighthizer is heading for Beijing for talks after which trade tensions between countries are expected to ease.

The currency market is on the neutral mode all along the line. But JPY and CHF are the best performers for now, which is a bit interesting, given the adverse conditions for safe havens. For the current month, the global investors expect the ISM to be released at the level of After the flash crash, the price returned to the technical resistance at the level of Moreover, the price is still trading below the dashed black trend line as well.

If the data will be better than expected, then there is a change for the bulls to move higher above the The nearest important support is seen at the level of Trading Forex foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all Traders or Investors.

The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. The first week of the new year continued to amaze. Friday data on US employment was enchanting.

Outside the agricultural sector in December, thousand new jobs were created, the November data was revised up by 58 thousand. Hourly rates for the month increased by 0. The unemployment rate increased from 3.

Perhaps such remarkable indicators are a kind of gratitude from the Ministry of Labor for the exception given to it for the period of shutdown, and in the future these figures will be revised downwards, but even if they are halved, the employment situation is clearly interpreted as a positive result of Trump's reforms.

But the dollar was hampered by the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. He said that the central bank will continue to be patient in the matter of raising interest rates and monitor the economy as a whole. Investors these words understood definitely the weakness of Powell in front of the pressure from Trump and even doubted two promotions in The political situation in the shutdown of Mexican wall embittered. Trump has now announced his intention to build a steel wall instead of a concrete one and has threatened to hold off the government indefinitely with the imposition of a state of emergency.

Political tensions, of course, play against the dollar. Today, and in the Asian session, the price overcame the resistance of the embedded line of the price channel to the daily, which on the four-hour chart was reflected in the consolidation above the Krusenstern line and the balance line. The immediate goal is the resistance line Kruzenshtern on a daily scale 1. Overcoming this line will allow the price to grow to 1.

But higher growth will require stronger reasons, such as the fed's unusually lenient minutes from the December meeting, which is being published on Wednesday. In favor of the dollar can play the course of U.

We are waiting for the development of the situation - it is dangerous to sell, it is doubtful to buy On Monday, the price will move up with the first target 1. The price will move up with the first target 1. As long as support at A break below minor support at There are no indicators of ripening divergences on January 7th.

Rebound of the pair from the Fibo level of Closing quotations above the Fibo level of On the hourly chart, the quotes of the pair completed above the correction level of As a result, the growth process can be continued today in the direction of the next correction level of Bearing divergence is brewing at the CCI indicator. Its education will allow us to count on a turn in favor of the US currency and a return to the Fibo level of Fixing the pair below this level will increase the likelihood of a further fall in the direction of the next correction level of See also Forex tick charts Forex informers Currency converter Forex symbols.

See also InstaForex Cinema Festival. Tertiary Industry Index Period: The headline figure is expressed as the percentage change from the same month last year.

Figures are reported in billions of dollars and also in percent change from the previous month. Sentix Investor Confidence Period: Ivey Purchasing Managers In Ivey Purchasing Managers Index Period: Federal Reserve FOMC members vote on where to set the nation's key interest rates and their public engagements are often used to drop subtle clues regarding future monetary policy. More hawkish than expected is good for currency. Bonds issued by national governments in foreign currencies are normally referred to as sovereign bonds.

The yield required by investors to loan funds to governments reflects inflation expectations and the likelihood that the debt will be repaid.

Get code of Forex informer. Readed articles are not visible. The euro will retain its growth potential. The Euro will retain its growth potential. Moving averages Trade is conducted above the day and day moving averages, which indicates a continuation of the upward trend.

Bollinger bands In the event of a decline in the euro, support will be provided by the lower limit of the Bollinger Bands indicator, which is located in the area of 1. Forex analysis 7 Jan , Close Expand on this page Go to article.

We are long EUR from However price remains trapped inside the Purple lines - bullish channel Green rectangles - support levels Gold price pulled back towards the green support level and is now bouncing back towards its recent highs.

The global markets start Monday on a positive note after the weekend. The increase in risk appetite can be seen in the Perhaps such remarkable indicators are a kind of gratitude from The price on Friday was moving in the side channel. It is important that you carefully consider whether trading in Margin Transactions is appropriate for you in light of your investment objectives, financial situation and needs.

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Look for A Regulated Forex Broker. Some Forex Brokers operate independently, but others operate under a regulatory system. For those who are under this system, they must follow the rules of the regulating commission in their country. Part of the regulations for their brokers include having to present fiscal reports to the commission. Most likely, you will be much safer with your investment when you use a regulated Forex broker.

Forex Brokers may charge for their services in more than one way. One way, which is the most common, is to get a percentage from the point spread.

This percentage is the difference between the bid and the ask prices. It will vary from one Forex broker to the next. The smaller the percentage, the more you get to keep. There may also be a variation, however, between the mini-accounts and the standard Forex accounts with the same broker. Other Forex brokers may charge some kind of fee or commission. If you hold your position overnight, make sure you understand what fees are involved with that action.

Each Forex trading Web site will have different amounts of leverage. Of course, the more the leverage offered, the more you can gain or loose — and the less you may need to trade.

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