What is the difference between a lager and an ale?

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The hops provide some nice subtlety, but the taste carries the sweetness through the finish. North Coast Brewing Co.

Grupo Modelo Negra Modelo (79)

Lager beer is fermented and then

The light cracker maltiness with a hint of honey is sweet, but not too sweet. The hops are floral, earthy, herbal, and spicy, and the bitterness drops off at the end. Nice, dry, and clean at the finish. Bready malt, spicy pine hops flavor, pleasant balancing bitterness that builds into an almost tartness. Still, some bready and caramel notes that are well-balanced with the other flavors. Some might find this a bit sweet for style. Clean and light with a complexity from the rice not normally found in craft Pilsner.

Hops are restrained but still bring a nice floral note. Finish is dry with a touch of the rice sweetness. A firm bitterness lingers pleasantly throughout. Moderate malt, bready and toasty.

Fairly light on the hops flavor. The hops bitterness is a bit pronounced for the style, but it balances the sweetness. Sweet melanoidin malt character up front, middle roast notes.

Decent amount of body to support the flavors. Slight floral and soapy noble-hops flavors. Sweet dark bready malt, toffee, and coffee. Malt is rich, lightly toasted, and slightly nutty. Tasty, if a bit simplistic. Medium hop bitterness is balancing. Alcohol is a touch hot but dries the finish. Delicate sulfur tones, with just enough biscuit malt to soften the edges of the spice and pine hops bitterness.

The bitterness lingers without overdoing it, but sits on the tongue a bit too long. A nice, delicate sweet biscuit malt profile that complements the hops bitterness. Some light minerality adds a bit of complexity that highlights the malt character, with some earthy and musty notes. The carbonation helps open up the hops, allowing the flavors to stay on the tongue with a crisp, welcoming feel.

Smooth pils malt with an alcoholic aftertaste. Hop bitterness is medium and balancing. Some sweetness in the middle of the palate keeps the finish from being crisp. Hop flavor is about right for traditional Pils, but it seems light for a double. Finish is sweet and could be drier with a touch more bitterness. Rich, sweet melanoidin malt. Caramelly and full, the crispy toast malt is followed by ethanol and reasonable hop flavor. Hop bitterness balances the malt nicely.

Hop flavor is somewhat piney. Finish is dry with some warmth. Less of a malt bomb than the nose implies. Smooth, clean malt with light toast notes. Sweet, bready, and crackery. Soft hop bitterness falls away in the finish to leave a fading malt sweetness. Crisp finish without much aftertaste. Starts with a biscuit sweetness, as well as some toast and roastiness and honey notes.

Some of the mintiness is still present in the flavor. The lighter carbonation makes this a creamy and smooth lager that refreshes. Bitterness up front, with some phenolic tones. Medium honey with some floral hops that add spice and complexity to the balance. The carbonation helps keep the beer refreshing and light, with a very dry finish. A malt sweetness lingers in the finish. Malt sweetness hits up front with biscuity character. Medium body is nice and holds up the beer well.

Some soft floral notes and spice add complexity. Low on bitterness, but enough to balance the sweetness. Restrained bitterness lets the malt and hops flavor complexity linger on the finish. There is a nice sweetness through the taste.

Cracker, a little lemon. The hops are delicate with notes of floral hops and a little bit of spice. The bitterness is low. The flavor carries with a biscuit malt sweetness throughout the taste. The hops provide some nice subtlety, but the taste carries the sweetness through the finish.

Nice medium body and carbonation. Light esters, very mild hops flavor. Light bitterness is stronger than the hops flavor. Faint malt sweetness and still a touch of that apple flavor. Nice hops flavor and bitterness in the finish. Light fruit and candy sugar up front, though not particularly sweet on the finish. Tropical-fruit hops character comes across again, but balances nicely with the underlying beer. Not much bitterness, lingering fruity, earthy hops character.

Crisp hops flavor competes with the malt, but malt wins in the aftertaste. Smooth malt offers caramel, toast, and toffee. Hops flavors are a bit distracting but flavor is ultimately about malt. Alcohol lightens the body and is not overly hot. Aggressive citrus and berry hop flavors. Malt balance is clean and relatively neutral but slightly biscuity.

High alpha hop character. Bitterness is crisp and lingering, assertive but not harsh. Sweet but balanced malt is a bit too toasty for the style. Little to no hop bitterness. A hint of ethanol. Clean, crisp finish, well-carbonated and dry. Some faint butter notes in the finish. Almost some caramel character. Some slight floral notes. Light-bodied, sweet bready malt with some biscuit. The clean freshness of the pepper and lemon is well supported by the malt and invites the palate to take a second and third taste.

The malt hits up front, with some pear-like juiciness. The citrus flavor has a bit of delicate lemon. A touch of diacetyl and a light lingering astringency in the aftertaste. The bready, biscuit maltiness up front is more prominent than in some Pilsners and combines well with the lemony hops bitterness. Fruity, floral, earthy notes, and a moderate alcohol warmth to add a slightly spicy taste. The prominent malt body has some nice biscuit sweetness. Detectable yeast esters of ripe pear and apple balance the bitterness of the hops.

Finishes clean, smooth, and crisp with great carbonation. Pleasant cracker-like malt flavor. Aftertaste is rather resinous and sticky. Strong bitterness finishes the hop story. Soft sweet malt is quickly lightened by a crisp, balanced hops bitterness.

Aftertaste of malt and lingering hops. Crisp lager finish leaves just a touch of bitterness. Pronounced malt notes, graham crackers, light bread crust, sweet Pilsner malt character. Some peppery hops notes with complementing generic floral notes. Bitterness is a little restrained for the amount of malt sweetness, making it slightly off- balance for the style.

Finish is clean and carries a hint of sweetness to cut the crispness. The flavor is much drier than the nose hints at. Clean bready malt immediately joined by biscuits and a pleasant spicy hops flavor. Bitterness is perfectly balanced during the sip, but builds a little in the aftertaste, strengthening the bitter impression.

Enough body to carry the flavors all the way through. Moderate sweet biscuit and bread-like malt flavors that quickly give way to bright floral and perfume-like hops flavors that are definitely predominant. Dry finish that leaves a distinct floral hops flavor behind.

There is a nice light cracker-like sweetness up front with some floral hops notes that carry through the taste. The bitterness helps to even out the sweetness, and it is not overly bitter.

Refreshing on the finish. Lighter in body and nice carbonation. The complement of the citrus hops notes and the malt sweetness give a candy sweetness, almost like a muted Smarties or Skittles.

Frosted- Flakes—flavored skim milk after all the cereal is eaten but the milk remains. Bitterness is a bit restrained, but any more would probably upset the unique malt and hops combination. Hops deliver both a spicy flavor and pleasant bitterness. Caramel pushes this into sweet territory mid-palate.

As on the aroma, the malt plays a backup role to the hops. Floral and spicy notes at first, but pine and lemon shine through quickly. Pronounced hops character that seems to bring some perceived sweetness to help the clean Pils malt balance the fairly high bitterness.

Malt flavors of biscuit and bread hide somewhat in the background but are just enough to not let the complex and prominent hops flavors get out of control. Sweet, slightly sticky malt barely supported by restrained hops bitterness. Some astringency in the aftertaste. Some fruity cherry notes.

Big malt, but not too sweet. Definitely warming with plenty of alcohol. Upfront hop bitterness, balanced malt and hops in the middle, and a pleasant, bitter finish. A touch of corn with floral hops reminiscent of gooseberry or white wine.

The cracker-like malt is sweet, with notes of salt, biscuit, and Pilsner malt. Clean and refreshing, what it lacks in complexity it gains in simple refreshment. A bold flavor up front for a Pilsner, with sweet cracker and biscuit, but is quickly followed by some floral spice notes that carry the bitterness through the finish. Noticeable sulfur notes give way to the pine and spice of the hops, as well as some pepper.

Smooth malt offset by light hop bitterness. Sweet, corn-like, and wheaty. Spicy hops slide right into the finishing bitterness. Very fruity, but light alcohol flavor.

Yeasty, yet clean profile. Big spicy piney hops flavors at first bring a wash of medium bitterness afterward. Light bodied with a dry malt husk-like sweetness. Well-balanced with a dry and slightly bitter finish. Slight malt sweetness up front cracker, bread. Moderate spicy, earthy hops flavor is quite pleasant.

Mild but persistent bitterness. The soft yeastiness in the finish is likeable. Slightly sweet in the start. A touch of bitterness in the finish. Very mild spicy hops in the middle, with a slight tartness, bready malt, and a character verging on corn. Similar to the aroma, impressively clean, yet hits all the check marks one would look for in a classic Pilsner. Spicy and fruity floral hops flavors that balance well with a solid sweet biscuit malt backbone.

The bitterness imparted by the hops really dries out the finish. A slight peppery phenolic-like flavor as it warms. The sweetness from the aroma carries strongly into the flavor. The Pilsner malt character is clean, and the floral hops bring just enough bitterness to balance.

Well-balanced bready, biscuit malt flavors with clean noble hops flavors. Very crisp and clean drinking. Nice light malt flavor. Just a touch of sweetness that is well-balanced in the finish with the soft hops bitterness. Hints of hops spiciness, but low hops flavor for the style. More of the Saaz hops profile would be good.

More smoke with underlying toasty malt. Some toasty chocolate notes. A touch of sweetness in the start that is well- balanced out in the finish. Toasty rich malt like toasted bread or graham cracker , but not overly sweet or thick on the palate.

Nice clean, crisp, drying finish, almost husky, with some hops bitterness to balance as well. Hops are just enough to support the rich malt flavors.

Strong malt palate with pils, melanoidin, and a bit of caramel. Hops spiciness and alcohol warmth meet nicely to take the beer to the finish. Mild balancing bitterness, but this increases over time. Hops bitterness balances the nice sweet malt in the initial sip. Malt is all caramel and cocoa nibs with melanoidin character. Light hop flavor is out of style but interesting and keeps malt in check.

Light astringency and alcohol burn in the aftertaste. A little too sweet. Hops flavor is also aggressive, the strong but smooth bitterness crisp and balancing.

Finish is fairly clean with some lasting bitterness. Malt backbone is just strong enough to balance. Nice lemon or orange rind citrus. Bitterness is high for the style but finishes clean and dry. Moderate malt sweetness with nice pils malt flavor.

Needs more malt to balance. Crisp, with a carbonic bite and lingering astringency. A relatively clean biscuit and honey Pilsner malt, balanced by the herbal spiciness of the hops. Touches of red apple and orange add some complexity, but overall, a very restrained and understated flavor.

Nothing is elbowing for control. Incredibly dry and clean fermentation. Light and delicate, with some sweet light cracker-like notes that carry through. Herbal and floral hops add some unusual woody dankness and bitterness, as well as a lemon-like citrus complexity, without being overpowering.

Perfectly fermented, with a fresh, clean, dry finish. The first sip brings out the bready malt, with a touch of hops flavor that yields to the bitterness. Light nuttiness that might be a bit out of place, as well as some fresh fruitiness. Subsequent sips see the hops flavors build in complexity—spicy, with a big of evergreen pine. Some lingering bitterness in the aftertaste, clean fermentation.

The skunky hops flavor is in your face, coupled with a touch of sweet malt. A low-level pleasant bitterness, but the flavors are mild. All the flavors are fairly intense on their own, but together there is some balance. Light Pilsner and floral flavor up front with a very delicate body.

Bitterness toward the end of the sip that lingers after the sip. Lots of dank, lots of tangerine. The balance is great with medium-high bitterness and some low-medium pithy character that complements things well. The tea quality adds some nice earthiness on the swallow. The beer backbone is crisp and presents a great canvas for the other flavors. Some fresh watermelon notes. Finishes crisp, clean, and surprisingly bitter. Some alcohol warmth at the end. Simple malt, bready with a lingering grainy sweetness that has a somewhat tannic lingering astringency.

Strong floral hops character with hints of rose and a grassy note on the finish. Bitterness is fairly restrained and nicely balanced. Good rye malt blends with the base malt to add some spicy interest to the mix. Malty, but relatively dry. Moderate noble hops flavor but a bit of citrus, too. Finish is primarily the hops flavor with a touch of the rye malt. Crisp, clean finish with mild bitterness and very light alcohol.

A little thin but enjoyable. Rich tropical-fruit blend with a superclean malt backbone. Subtle biscuit, bready malt flavors that quickly give way to dry citrus hops notes of lemongrass, orange peel, and grapefruit. Finishes with a smooth fruity bitterness that lingers pleasantly with a slight stickiness. Like the nose, the focus is on the floral. The sweet balance makes it even more like orange-blossom honey. Light bitterness and a pleasantly dry finish. Broad spectrum grapefruit flavors, from the zest to flesh to juice to even a touch of tartness.

Could be used for a kick-ass Paloma recipe. Finishes somewhat tart and a bit sweet with some citrus bite. Moderately strong milk chocolate in the flavor with toast and rich malt behind it. A moderate sweetness slowly fades and is a touch cloying in the finish.

Bitterness is very low. Other than the lingering sweetness, the finish is clean with a light lasting dark malt flavor. A pronounced sweetness that slowly fades and is balanced by fairly strong alcohol. Bourbon-barrel oak, toffee, bready malt, stewed plums, big dose of hot alcohol, very drying. Alcohol spiciness is probably enhanced with noble hops.

Finishes like a boozy Belgian dark strong or a candy bar. Noble hops provide slight floral and spice character. Mildly hopped but in style. Finishes crisp, clean, and dry with a touch of astringency in the aftertaste. Light-bodied but balanced well and slightly creamy. The hops are not overly bitter but provide some nice spice to break up the malt biscuit sweetness. Very clean and dry finish. There is a lot of spice in this beer—cinnamon-like, earthy, woody, and floral—from the hops.

The prominent bitterness envelops the malt sweetness with the yeast esters and balances nicely. Medium body, finishes dry, light, and refreshing. Moderate grainy, crackery malt, and the herbal hops are nice and add some depth. Low to moderate sweetness with very low bitterness and a touch of acidity.

Very light body with medium carbonation transition into a smooth quiet finish. Very refreshing and clean. Fine, lively carbonation dances on the tongue. Light pils malt followed by a brisk flash of spicy hop flavors, then a light bitterness. Light Pilsner malt with a medium-sweet biscuit presence, but is not overly sweet. The floral, earthy hops flavors blend right in, with a low-key pleasant bitterness. Bright body with a slight apple note toward the end of the sip and a refreshing carbonic bite.

Delicate malt flavors, light matzo-cracker notes, sweet biscuit and bread flavors that are cut through by moderate floral hops bitterness. Low sulfur, as on aroma. Slight lemon flavor that grows through the finish. More rich and toasty malts with hints of coffee, smoke, and bitter chocolate. Moderate sweetness morphs into a moderately low bitterness. Upfront roast with notes of coffee and charred malt with no astringency or unneeded lingering. Peat smoke and bready malt lead to a smooth and balanced finish that is remarkably clean and refreshing.

Rich malt sweetness gives way to a pleasantly dry finish. Hops are lightly applied. A touch of carbonic burn and alcohol with some light oxidation. Bitterness is assertive but enjoyable.

It coats the tongue well past the aftertaste. Malty, biscuit sweetness is smooth, light-bodied, solid, and slightly sweet. The lemony, floral, spicy hops accent the clean malt bill nicely, and the high carbonation makes everything pop just a little. Finishes with just enough bitterness to make you want another sip—or gulp. Smooth, light, soft Pilsner malt throughout, with a medium-sweet malt cracker background.

The hops profile adds some floral notes, with a medium bitterness that carries through the finish, and some citrus character in the back. The beer finishes dry on the tongue. Assertive, slightly resinous hop flavor. Sweet up front, but hop flavor and clean bitterness keeps it in check.

Finishes dry and slightly bitter. Hop flavor dominates the light, bready malt. Bitterness is clean and some spicy, peppery notes add interest. Medium carbonation but little head. Same hops profile as the flavor, but with more emphasis on the citrus. The bitterness is much lower than expected, with some nice malt to balance that is detected more in the mouthfeel. Finishes dry without too much hops bite and just enough of the fruity flavors to entice you back for another sip.

Pronounced acidity immediately upfront, but rolls into a wonderful peach juiciness. The spices are subtle, the peach is the star of the show, with a nice lingering mild sweetness that helps balance out the acidity. Light spicy hops flavor with a touch of wood and bready malt.

Grainy but still crisp and fairly dry. Emphasis on hops is slightly pronounced. Nice bread and light Pilsner malt flavor. Very simple but again very clean. Light spicy hops towards the end of the sip try to take over but are quickly complemented by bread, malt sweetness.

A bit raw or grassy with alcohol in the aftertaste. Clean with no esters. Smooth mouthfeel and body. Some nice cracker-like malt sweetness followed by some citrus-fruit character. Some spice notes add complexity. Bitterness balances well throughout the taste. The carbonation adds to the taste. Restrained bitterness on the finish leaves you with lingering light fruit and spice character.

The subtlety of the caramel in the malt bill really helps the citrus and tropical-fruit character shine through. Bitterness is present but not overpowering. Finishes with a slightly sweet fruitiness and hint of sugar bread. Clean Pilsner malt presents first with moderate citrus and a touch of peppercorn spice in tow.

Balance is slightly bitter, which lingers into the dry finish pleasantly. A nice delicate biscuit sweetness that gives way to a floral, herbal, and citrus hops flavor. The hops hit in the middle and provide some complexity and bitterness. Nice carbonation that ends with a clean, dry finish. Rich bread-crust melanoidin malt character comes through more in the flavor, which has moderate sweetness and low bitterness.

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