1968 D Lincoln Memorial Cent

Today I've cleaned it up a little under the sink's faucet and noticed it to be "off" alignment and I'm unable to locate the mint stamp. Mine is dated Steel is magnetic -- did you check that? Doubling is flat not circular meaning that its Machine doubling.

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Our coin forum is completely free! Current Coin Deals on eBay. I have a D Silver? Does anyone know anything about them? Report this Post to the Staff. We woujld need pictures to determine its authenticity. I would be inclined to believe that the coin was plated; I have a that have been so decorated in my collection. A time back, I heard that these plated coins were used in a Mason's ceremony. Whether that is true or not, I am not to sure. Having issues with getting a clear pic Thanks for the welcomes!

A weight is much more important than pictures. Where would such a planchet have come from during year Whoever spent that certainly did not mean to! And after some other quick searches, it is very likely that whoever owned that penny had it silver-plated cause there are no silver pennies. While it may have some value among a few collectors, standard coin collectors consider this a defaced item and do not believe it merits any significant resale value. Kevin C is right - its a Masonic Penny that is stamped and given to entry level Masons.

It's a souvenir, cound have been given to someone who became a Mason in For the best answers, search on this site https: It is a plated penny. Probably no extra value but it is a nice novelty piece.

Mine is dated It's just a souvenir. National Treasure made them seem very romantic, but really the only secrets are things handshakes and passwords, same as any frat. Past Matron, Eastern Star. Audi pretty much captures it. You can by a stamp that will allow you to make your own, people do, and they sell them or at least try to on eBay - often newly raised master masons will like to buy a roll to distribute to his Lodge as a remembrance. I am a Freemason.

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