BInary operator like AND, XOR

My problem is that I need to do a binary OR on values in a column. I'm trying to get my head round this bitwise stuff. Conjunctive normal form September 24, - 8:


Last chance to view the hugely popular Tolkien exhibition at the Bodleian Wednesday, 19 September Discovering the distant Dutch relative of Fantastic Mr. Bodleian presents once-in-a-generation exploration of J. Tolkien's vast creative genius Wednesday, 25 April Intriguing unseen pieces by J. Tolkien to be displayed for first time among larger collection of his artworks Tuesday, 27 March Hilary update from Bodley's Librarian Monday, 26 February Mythical romance explored in previously unseen Tolkien works to be displayed in major exhibition Tuesday, 13 February Tolkien's magical letters and illustrations bring Father Christmas to life Wednesday, 20 December Intriguing entries to medieval book design competition go on display Wednesday, 13 December Compelling colours and beautiful books at the Bodleian's first ever 'Library Lates' event Monday, 11 December From King Alfred to Chaucer: Carbon dating finds Bakhshali manuscript contains oldest recorded origins of the symbol 'zero' Thursday, 14 September Isis is now discussing the displays with companies who are interested in assessing the technology, and with investors.

We found that not only were we able to create images in the stack but, to our surprise, thinner layers of GST actually gave us better contrast. We also discovered that altering the size of the bottom electrode layer enabled us to change the colour of the image. The layers of the GST sandwich are created using a sputtering technique where a target is bombarded with high energy particles so that atoms from the target are deposited onto another material as a thin film.

One of the advantages of our design is that, unlike most conventional LCD screens, there would be no need to constantly refresh all pixels, you would only have to refresh those pixels that actually change static pixels remain as they were.

This means that any display based on this technology would have extremely low energy consumption. The research suggests that flexible paper-thin displays based on the technology could have the capacity to switch between a power-saving 'colour e-reader mode', and a backlit display capable of showing video. Such displays could be created using cheap materials and, because they would be solid-state, promise to be reliable and easy to manufacture.

The tiny 'nano-pixels' make it ideal for applications, such as smart glasses, where an image would be projected at a larger size as, even enlarged, they would offer very high-resolution. A report of the research, entitled 'An optoelectronic framework enabled by low-dimensional phase change films', is published in the journal Nature.

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