Die Einzelhandelsumsätze sind eine monatliche Messung aller von Einzelhändlern verkauften Waren, basierend auf einer Stichprobe von Kaufhäusern verschiedener Arten und Größen in China.

In addition, there are some species related to the origin of ancient taxa that have been extinct, such as Benaius qianshuiensis. Sie zeigen kurz- und mittelfristig die Wertentwicklung des Einzelhandels. Tianzhushan is located in the low latitude 30 degree area and formed in the Mesozoic period. More than 50 species of mammalian and reptile fossils that are all mid-late Paleocene fossils were discovered in more than 50 Paleocene fossil sites, with a history of 60 million years. Amateur Chinese Girl In Guangxi.

Wirtschaftsdatenblatt Dezember 2018

China Zen is the product of Buddhism developed in China. Therefore, the Tianzhushan is the place with the combination of the Zen culture and ancient Great Mountains culture. Therefore, the Tianzhushan is the place with the combination of the Zen culture and ancient Great Mountains culture.

It is rare and valuable culture landscape. It is called literature art museum of the Past Dynasties and valuable information for the research of ancient Chinese calligraphy art, sculpture art and historical figures. These cultural landscapes and majestic natural landscapes add radiance and charm to each other.

Some cultural relics, historic buildings and relics have great scientific research value, archaeological and aesthetic value from the perspectives of history, arts, science and aesthetic appreciation.

Now there are 2 national key cultural relics protection units, 6 provincial and municipal key cultural relics protection units and 33 county key cultural relics protection units, which are all precious cultural heritages. Protection unit Xuejiagang site is the Neolithic sites with the most abundant relics in Anhui province and at the same time, an important ancient cultural relic of middle and lower reaches in Yangtze River. Unearthed cultural relics are richest in the second and third phases of Neolithic Age, divided into production tools, living tools and decorations.

Production tools are mainly stoneware, the blade is sharp with flat symmetrical shape through accurate grinding, and couples of holes are made smooth. The production of pottery mainly makes use of wheels and handwork as well, some are made exquisite with high amazing level of craft. There are nearly pottery balls with a small ball in the hollow, cm of diameter, and the ball surfaces were carved stripes of Chinese characters and geometry shape, which are rare in China.

The most representative potteries are: Its history directly reflects the rise and fall of Tianzhushan religion, with a high research value. The architectural style and level are also valuable in the study of architecture. These Neolithic relics from Xuejiagang site are significantly different from the archaeological cultural characteristics in the surrounding and have their own development sequence. Xuejiagang Culture is the only Neolithic culture in Anhui province and the origin of ancient culture of Anhui province.

The discovery of this site provides abundant material data for the study of the primitive culture of middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and the relationships among various cultures in Yellow River basin.

This site has significant archaeological value, culture and art inheritance value, scientific research value and tourism economic value, which is helpful for knowing the long history of civilization in China. With very high literary value, it is the masterpiece of ancient works and has higher customs and historical value, which can present the political and social life at that time, especially the living conditions of women.

According to historical records, in late Eastern Han dynasty, the government office of Lujiang was just located in current Qianshan County, where the pathetic love story that Peacocks Flying Southward tells took place.

Tianzhushan granites were formed in Mesozoic period. They have experienced subduction and collision process of plates in Indosinian period and tension and collapsed process after collision, belonging to post-orogenic granites. Tianzhushan displays almost all the main features of granite landscapes in the world, odd peaks, grotesque rocks, caves and canyons, in particular, the landscape of Mysterious Valley, formed by landslides and collapsed towers of granite, can be called a great wonder of the world.

The formation of the granite landform has a close relationship with the movement of Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone since Mesozoic period. Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone extends km within China, and Tianzhushan has the most beautiful granite geomorphologic landscape along the Tancheng-Lujiang fault zone. The granite geomorphologic landscape within Tianzhushan scenic area is a precious natural heritage through long-term geological functions, which is of great scientific research value in geology and geomorphology, tourism value, ornamental and aesthetic value.

Granites were influenced by weathering and erosion and the uncanny workmanship of nature carved Tianzhushan whose main body is granite into current majestic, elegant and mountainous granite geomorphologic landscapes. Tianzhushan has unique granite peak clusters geomorphologic landscape, including 45 peaks, 17 ridges, 16 crags, 18 cliffs, 86 stones, 53 caves, etc, with majestic, grotesque and elegant natural landscape. UHP metamorphic belt is located in southern area of Tianzhushan, and the world-famous Dabieshan UHP metamorphic belt is the largest in scale, the deepest in denudation, the best outcrop and the most abundant UHP minerals and rock combinations in the world.

The discovery of diamond-bearing eclogite and coesite are respectively the first case and the third case in the world. After the discovery of coesite-bearing eclogite, geologists from 20 countries and regions came to Tianzhushan, and almost all scientists studying on UHP metamorphic belt made investigation here.

According to incomplete statistics, five international symposiums about Dabieshan UHP metamorphic belt were held, and above SCI articles about Dabieshan UHP metamorphic belt were published, so Tianzhushan scenic area becomes a classic place of Sulu-Dabieshan UHP metamorphic belt, a hotspot for the tectonic research of international continental plates, one of the best places for the research of continental dynamics and a world-famous research base of UHP metamorphic belt.

World-class fossil site and the birthplace of Asian mammals. The granite of Tianzhushan is made up of different types of granites formed in early and main stages, which has formed a typical cognate magma evolution series. The series has unexceptionable systematicness of evolution and integrality of composition. The geological evolution of Tianzhushan experienced three stages, Dabie-Jinning cycle, Indosinian cycle and Yanshanian-Himalayan cycle, which is a long and complicated evolution process with systematicness and integrality.

The granite peak cluster of Tianzhushan shows three-level of ancient denudation plane along the vertical direction in geomorphology. The first level is at the altitude of m, the second is at m, and the third is at m, in which plane of denudation, granite peak cluster is well preserved.

There are many waterscapes, such as spring, pool and waterfall, and caves in the third layer. Grotesque peaks and rocks characterize the second layer. And there are many majestic peaks on the first layer.

The special geological and geographical natural environment and the superior climate conditions provide favourable environment for the plants, so Tianzhushan keeps a rational and integrality ecological system, and many scenic spots in Tianzhushan are still covered by primeval forests, such as Back Mountain and Da Longwo. It has experienced multi stages of tectonic movements of Jinningian period, Indosinian period and Yanshanian and Himalayan periods, etc.

The granite peak clusters composed the unique landscape of Tianzhushan. There are 45 famous peaks contributing to this spectacular peak clusters landscape.

There are varieties of rugged rocks with different vivid and life-like image figures, which are dotted everywhere. Due to the outcrops of orogenic belt and a large number of UHP metamorphic rocks, the UHP metamorphic belt became one of the best sites to study continental dynamics and a hotspot to study international continental plate tectonics in recent years. Nearly 50 species of ancient vertebrate fossils in the middle and late period of Paleocene were found in this place, which has aroused great reverberation around the world, especially the discovery of Heomys orientalis, which affirmed the relationship between Heomys orientalis and the origin of rodents rats , and it is also affirmed that the origin of more than rodents rats in the world, including current mice, is Tianzhushan, Anhui Province, China.

All around the world, 29 ultrahigh pressure metamorphism belts containing coesite, diamond and other Ultrahigh-pressure and high-pressure metamorphic were discovered until , among which 11 were in China, 18 were at abroad. Moreover, the discovery of coesite in the Sulu-Dabieshan orogenic belt was the third case all around the world and the discovery of diamond in eclogite is the first case of the worldwide metamorphic rocks.

In , Xu Zhiqin discovered coesite in the Dabieshan orogenic belt Xu, In , Zhai Mingguo reported the jadeite quartzite of Dabieshan ultrahigh pressure belt. In , Li Shuguang reports that the ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism of Dabieshan eclogite occurred in the Indo-Chinese epoch. Classic outcrop of Dabieshan ultrahigh pressure metamorphic zone was distributed in Tianzhushan. Among those,Bixiling eclogite was the largest and the first place to discover coesite. Xindian was the first place to discover particle containing gold pomegranate pyroxenite.

So, Tianzhushan is the classic place for ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belt. Die Einzelhandelsumsätze werden von Central Statistical Office veröffentlicht und sie erfassen die Änderungen im Einzelhandelssektor. Sie zeigen kurz- und mittelfristig die Wertentwicklung des Einzelhandels. Generell ist eine hohe Lesung für den polnischen Zloty bullish, während eine niedrige Lesung entsprechend bearish ist.

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