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I am fully aware of this, if you read past that. The Civil War story revolves around a law passed that forces anyone with super powers to basically reveal who they are.

In the universe that Marvel has built with the movies, there pretty much isn't such thing as secret identities. Even if they did have Spider-Man for the movie, it would make zero sense for it to be about the Registration Act, thus Spider-Man revealing his identity wouldn't be a turning point like in the comics. Holy shit since when are there so many video game adaptations? Did UbiSoft decide to make movies from every one of their franchises? Also, AC got a release date. Comicbook movies became huge and all the worries they had about making them too nerdy, not cool, won't connect were the same for video games.

Ah, that just happened recently. Well at least that's one video game movie that is coming out With Fassbender on board it's almost guaranteed to get released.

I wouldn't count on it. Where did you see word about Prometheus 2? As a fan of the first one I would love for that to be true. That is all I could find on the movement. As my list was from a few months ago some of the dates are probably off. But it does look like it's going to happen. So there's this , in case anyone wants to know about movies in general Wow these are great, thanks!

I keep my own list, but I'll be using these as a resource for sure. This is the one I was looking for and didn't see. Just after seeing the cast list I had an erection. I'll be approaching 30 in Am I going to want this as entertainment in five years? Dark without being apocalyptic. So true though, I already feel like I have to work harder to find movies that appeal to my tastes.

Also theat's something else you can add to the list. I thought about it when I saw Pacific Rim 2 and Godzilla 2. Agreed on the shared universe. I'm just not sure how. Unless we knew about Godzilla and started making machines then? Not that they won't but some could flop. Non of the gaming once should be here IMO.

Really one of my favorite characters from The Lego Movie. Of course, I'm sure they'll be delays on some films etc. But this is what I heard. Not every writer can be perfect with everything they do! He only wrote the first draft of After Earth. Most of the script wasn't even his work. You can't blame him for that. Well if you are close to an AMC theater you could possibly do one of the summer passes that they are thinking about though unconfirmed. I'm a mile from one of their Dine-in theaters, and a stubbs member.

I've never heard about this and this excites me greatly. Ohhhh it's a monthly subscription. I thought it was a one-time fee for a summer or something. Not sure how this will work along side their stubbs rewards, will have to wait and see what details come later if they move forward with this.

Am I the only one who, for a second, was really confused ant thought Independence Day 2 was subtitled "The Mummy"? Willing to bet only 3 of those Video Game movies will actually make it to screen, and only 1 will be sorta decent. Who knows maybe video games will have a 'superhero movies moment', studios will learn how to make them and how to market them to a wide audience.

There's a massive amount of source material waiting to be used. It'll just take one film to get it right then the floodgates will open Why would they make a Just Cause movie? The game was great because the game play and not the story. Also for the unknown there should be a Batman and a Superman movie, IIRC when DC announced their movie schedule they said that there would be a standalone for both of them but the release date hasn't been decided yet. Tom hardy being cast is pretty much the only solid info we seem to have about the movie.

Supposedly its a younger version of Fisher that they are doing. I could swear on my life that Jupiter Ascending already came out halfway last year and that I checked up on it and that it turned out disappointing. I was genuinely surprised when I saw the new trailer and was thinking "didn't this come out like a year ago? Well they are making 10 movies off Fast and Furious, so it isn't that ludicrous is it? Can you imagine The Hobbit parts ? Is fast and furious based on a book.

Ten films for one franchise is crazy and I would only accept if they were Nolan's Batman films. Idk the fast and furious films have actually been getting better. I thought Fast Five was good and the newest one was pretty damn fun. I feel like this list is geared towards Men. Their are movies that will appeal to women in that could do surprisingly well. Here are some additional movies including "male" films:. I'm a man and apologize as I would watch half those too!

However, I left things off the list like Hotel Transylvania for reason. Yeah, I can understand why most of them were left off a Blockbuster list. What do we consider a "blockbuster? March is kinda still a strange month to open blockbusters, but Hunger Games did it, Batman vs.

Superman is gonna do it, and hopefully its good enough that people decide to start the blockbuster season early march 11 tho I feel like a moron. I was like really?

It was fine as a standalone, then I remembered I was Harry Potter fan. The lack of original movies in this list pisses me off. There are so many movies on this list that I'm not sure if I even want to happen. Last I checked, Furious 7 was going to be the last in the series. There was an article about it the other day. They think they have 3 more movies in them With the upheaval at Sony recently I left off any Spider-Man movie. Not sure what they are going to do now. I was waiting on any new information.

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