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They have also introduced live alerts which you can configure to email or pop up if an indicators or trend line is breached.

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AMP Global Clearing is a Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access to the global electronic futures markets for Individual Traders, US & Foreign Introducing Brokerages, CTAs, 3rd Party & API Developers.

Oracle announced their intention to stop shipping JavaFX with JDK 11 and later, [13] and it's no longer bundled with the latest version. This version named Presidio [12] was released on October 10, Various improvements have been made within the JavaFX libraries for multithreading. The Task APIs have been updated to support much more concise threading capabilities i. In addition, the scene graph has been designed to allow scenes to be constructed on background threads and then attached to "live" scenes in a threadsafe manner.

Linux support was added with JavaFX 2. On April 27, , Oracle released version 2. On August 14, , Oracle released version 2. JavaFX 8 adds several new features, including: Oracle wrote in a white paper that JavaFX new fixes will continue to be supported on Java SE 8 through March and announced that they are "working with interested third parties to make it easier to build and maintain JavaFX as a separately distributable open-source module.

The following is a rather simple JavaFX-based program. It displays a window a Stage containing a button. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Application ; import javafx. ActionEvent ; import javafx.

EventHandler ; import javafx. Scene ; import javafx. Button ; import javafx. StackPane ; import javafx. Java programming language portal. Archived from the original on Build, Connect, Manage with Gluon". Retrieved 11 April I'm going to be open sourcing today another one of our projects called decora-compiler. We have our own DSL for shader languages called Decora.

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March 23, at April 9, at 1: Spiritually June 6, at 9: Get the latest info at http: July 10, at 3: Nomkhosi please follow my link http: All email addresses are fake.. Best for traders looking for super powerful trading systems, backtesting, forecasting, and the best real-time news service from Reuters. Add to this global data coverage and excellent customer service. The latest release of Metastock XVI has been a big hit with improvements to the explorer functionality, including improvements in scanning, back testing and forecasting making this the best product on the market for powerful technical analysis of stocks.

MetaStock is one of the biggest fish in the sea of stock market analysis software. Excellent watch lists featuring fundamentals and powerful scanning of the markets gets a perfect This is the fastest global news service available on the market including translations into all major languages. Forex forecasting based on sentiment is a feature that is absolutely exceptional.

Never mind the broadest selection of technical analysis indicators on the market today. MetaStock is the king of technical analysis warranting a perfect 10 rating in our stock market software comparison for Another area where MetaStock excels is what they call the expert advisors.

MetaStock harnesses a huge amount of inbuilt systems that will help you as a beginner or intermediate trader understand and profit from technical analysis patterns and well-researched systems. This is really a key area of advantage. The biggest addition to the MetaStock arsenal is the forecasting functionality which sets is apart from the crowd. A perfect 10 for fundamental scanning and screening for Optuma. Optuma has a fantastic array of technical indicators and drawing tools. Also included are Elliott Wave and Darvas Box, the full set of exotic indicators are present.

To top it off they have also implemented an excellent astrological analysis suite as an upgrade for those of you who believe in that sort of thing, yes commodity traders I am talking about you: Optuma has back-testing well covered also, with a well-implemented backtesting and system analysis toolset.

Best in class up there with MetaStock, QuantShare, and NijaTrader as the industry leaders, but unlike the others, you do not need a Ph. Optuma requires a high-end PC workstation to function at speed, but if you are a PRO trader this is not a problem.

The interface, the shortcuts, the whole thought process implemented into Optuma does warrant this good score in an important section. They also have an extensive video training library which is very valuable to the new customer. It solves the problem of too much time spent doing analysis, drawing trendlines, tweaking indicators and analyzing timeframes. The automated trendline detection saves a lot of time for traders, speeds up trade preparation in the morning, and improves accuracy.

The TrendSpider algorithm uses mathematics to correlate all the bars on a chart and then draw the lines. It highlights the touches at peaks and troughs in a price trend. Therefore, if a price breaks through a strong area of support and resistance it is more predictive.

One thing I also really like is the price indicator analysis, you can let the application plot, name and highlight your Japanese Candlestick patterns of choice. Just turn on the pattern recognition it is that easy. Trendspider is an HTML5 application, which means it works on any connected device, requires zero installation, zero data stream or data download configuration.

This appeals to me a lot because with a single click you are up and running. On top of that, you get 20 Dynamic Alerts. Considering you get real-time data the pricing is very competitive, in fact considerably lower than other charting software vendors.

Read the Full TrendSpider Review. There is really a lot to love about Firstrade. On August 23, , Firstrade made the extremely bold move to move to complete Commission Free Trading. Firstrade were already our review winner and had amongst the lowest commissions in the industry, now they have officially the lowest in the industry with ZERO, yes ZERO commissions.

That is over twice as many as the next best competitor TD Ameritrade. You also get completely cost-free access to the suite of Morning Star research, only 3 other brokers offer free research of this quality. And finally a 5-Star Customer Satisfaction Rating rounds of the package, for an excellent Brokerage for mid to long-term investors.

This is a well-established company offering one of the best Stock Market Analysis Software Packages around. The logical step for Worden Brothers was to expand into the Brokerage side of the business. And boy they did a good job. They surprisingly lead the pack in Margin Interest Rates.

When you buy a stock with margin, it enables you to leverage that stock with borrowed money. This is traditionally where brokerage firms make a lot of profit, through this lending. The icing on the cake though is that you get to trade directly off the charts with TC Not only that the options trading in TC is arguably the best in the industry.

SpeedTrader is the Broker in the review targeting specifically Day Traders with their services. So, what do day traders look for? Well, SpeedTrader has all of this. The key service offering is Direct Market Access, meaning you do not go through a 3rd party market maker for your trades, you deal directly on the market itself, which means better visibility of prices and tighter spreads.

Suffice to say, extremely competitive. So, if you are into Stocks and Options Day Trading this is a good place to be. No review would be complete without the grandfather of online discount brokers. Not only is Interactive Brokers IB a long established company, it is also big. It has a very complete set of services, enabling your to trade practically anything on any market.

Usually, when a company is well established and large, it loses its competitive edge. Not so with Interactive Brokers. They also have the lowest margin interest rate in the review, in fact probably in the industry. When it comes to the trading platform there is no additional costs, Web Trader, and TWS are all free.

Another huge bonus is that IB manages to throw into the package Zacks and Morning Star research for free, including real-time news. If you plan to span those worlds also IB is a natural choice. Ally is not just a broker, they are a financial institution offering banking, credit cards, home loans, and auto finance and insurance.

This acquisition seems to have worked well as they have a very competitive suite of investing services and excellent customer satisfaction scores. If you are looking for an institution to provide competitive rates across the full suite of investing and banking services the Ally could be a very good choice. Benzinga PRO is the premium real-time news service that is an upgrade from the regular free Benzinga news service.

It is a significant upgrade that obviously comes with a price. What makes it special is not just the fast delivery of news but the insider interviews and direct access to the reporters at the news desk. They also have a huge amount of news content not available to regular subscribers.

So what makes it special? The platform and content. The news platform is extremely configurable and able to run in multiple windows on multiple monitors. In the screenshot below you can see how I have my Benzinga Pro interface configured. Benzinga Pro is extremely powerful yet easy to use which is often a difficult balance to strike and to top it all off they have also now added real-time price quotes to the service, so you can see when news breaks the instant impact on the stock price.

This video shows why the Benzinga Pro service is a premium offering and a vast improvement on free news sources. Benzinga is one of the major news providers you have probably never heard of. They do offer a huge amount of free news and thought-provoking original articles aimed and traders and investors for free on their website.

Some other really useful design points are when viewing the streaming news, you instantly see what type of news it is. The image below shows us that the Ticker: PPO news is an analyst rating change.

The News for Google is a rumor I love this feature , and finally, the Novartis news is a breaking FDA approval, which could be vital if trading that stock.

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